New means to make a Creative City

Citizens paths of life have come to a crossroad. Each individual builds his/her own life from different blocks: family, career, education, hobbies, part-time entrepreneurship, all can combine. At the same time demands for public services are growing. High quality public services are to be guaranteed for all citizens from public funds. If an individual would like to aquire something extra, why not permit him/her to do so. In the future, services are to be personalized to accomodate the users needs. In a pluralistic world, the service structure and urban planning has to support individuals different needs, different rhytmns of life and different life styles. That way we can guarantee high quality ad free public services to all citizens with excellent finnish standard.

Do you already have your own personal trainer in your library?

In urban planning and in organizing services, new innovations are needed. High quality basic services are to be guaranteed for all citizens, but taylored and personalized solutions should be allowed to be payed for by oneself.

Is Helsinki an international emigration metropol?

I would like Helsinki to become an international immigration metropol because a creative and pluralistic entreprenerial city is born as a product of tolerance, skilled labor, and new innovations. A city needs its own immigration policy and to welcome its citizens openheartedly.

Who is Elina?

I am member of the city council and the city board in Helsinki. I graduated from The University of Helsinki majoring in Economics and I work as Special Advisor for the Green Ministers. I am mother of two. I used to be a researcher in Finnish Institute of Occupational Health where I studied the future of labour market. I have been active in several organisations, and at the moment I am chairman at Suomen Valtiotieteilijöiden liitto SVAL ry. I have been a chairman at The National Union of Students in Finland (SYL). During my work- and organization years I have familiarized in topics concerning questions on labor markets, education and equality. After taking part in different projects reflecting questions on the future, it has become obvious to me that the world is changing.

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