I am an experienced councillor in the Helsinki City Council  and I want to continue building an inspiring city! We need plenty of new working opportunities for the residents of Helsinki and support to the city’s entrepreneurs. There’s a growing need for good homes for those who already reside in Helsinki and those aspiring to live here. We also need proper schools and daycare for our children.

Let’s work together to build an inspirational metropolitan area! I want to let new people move here and create new jobs by drawing enterprise and skillful workforce into our beautiful maritime city. We need more homes, trams and bike lanes. We have to help our teachers take an innovative leap into the future: phenomenon based learning and digitalisation are a wonderful, motivational development! We also have to balance children’s opportunities by offering free early childhood education to children from all backgrounds.

I want to actively promote building thousands of new homes in Helsinki. Urban planning is an important part of my expertise: I’ve been a member of the City Planning Committee  since 2012.

The entrepreneurs are a vital part of Helsinki. They need functional business premises with good connections – this helps their business run smoothly.